Uber thinking goes beyond taxis

From its beginnings in the early days of the last decade, Uber was clear about its plans for long-term disruption to the transport system - and of a willingness for self-disruption too.

Putting local decision-making in its proper place

With local elections about to take place, it would be nice to think that relevant transport issues affecting particular places and council areas would be suitably under the spotlight; and forming at least a part of citizens’ considerations for whom they should cast their vote.

A Climate for Change?

Another report from the experts, another apparent shrug of the shoulders from most of those who might usefully really take its worrying message on board.

Change in the Air?

Air transport is a clear target for Climate Change and sustainability campaigners. But might there be a better flight path ahead - and could air travel potentially out-green the surface modes of road, and even rail, in some domestic situations?

A time for sharing?

Planning how we cater for future personal transport needs, and in particular for the future of the private car.