RSS Feed

RSS feeds are a convenient way to get updates from a website without visiting the site itself.

You’ll need a ‘news aggregator’ (or sometimes referred to as a ‘feed reader’) to read RSS feeds, which collect together all the feeds you’ve subscribed to around the web, and displays them in a readable format without any algorithms.

To subscribe to our feed simply copy and paste the following URL into your preferred feed reader (or use the handy button below).

Dark Mode

It’s now possible to read the entire website in dark mode, which is preferable during low light situations or for anyone who suffers from light sensitivity, and also helps to conserve your device’s battery life.

The iPhone displaying the website in light mode
The iPhone displaying the website in dark mode

This setting is device wide, which means you’ll need to enable this option inside your device’s system preferences. As soon as you toggle this setting our website will reflect those changes immediately. You can find instructions on how to change your light/dark preference settings for the following devices:

You currently have your dark mode setting enableddisabled on your device.

Cookies help our website to send anonymised data to Google Analytics, so that we know which articles are more popular with our audience.

Additional information such as age, gender, and interests are also made available to us but only if they’re available.

All of this information is completely anonymous, but we appreciate that some users will want to disable this completely. You can achieve this by using the toggle switch immediately below, but please be aware that a cookie will need to be saved onto your device, so that these instructions are remembered going forward.

Toggle Google Analytics

If you’d like to go one step further and opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics for all websites, then you can visit Google’s opt-out page.